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Apollo 11 Code Review

Stardate 23018.1 or 21st of July 1969, mankind takes its first steps on the Moon. Mission commander Neil Armstrong and pilot Buzz Aldrin safely land…

by Cristian Messel

7 Golden Tips to Organize Your Software Tests, Right from the Beginning

With the rapid advances in technology, programming languages, and user research, software projects today are more complex than even before….

by Lilica Enache

How to Win a Hackathon

How to win a hackathon: Two days. Twelve hours of intense coding. More than 40K data points and 700 lines…

by Cătălin Pop

Refactoring Code to Keep it Evergreen

Throughout the development phase of a software product, there comes a time when the source code needs maintaining. Think of…

by Ervin Turai

5 Tips for Getting Started with Business Intelligence

One of the more common buzzwords in today’s digital world is Business Intelligence (BI). Well, what does it really mean?…

by Cătălin Pop