Imagine this all-too-common scenario: Your company has recently pulled the trigger on a data project. Excitement is in the air. You’re finally doing something about all the data you’ve been collecting. You’re getting answers that will make your organization stronger. You’re going to leave the competition in the dust. Then your first reports and visualizations arrive. And they ...

We are living in truly exciting times. Companies have more opportunities than ever before to use technology to massively improve organizational performance, productivity, and profit, and to launch themselves into new, previously inaccessible markets. Every day we hear stories of established businesses that have used technology to create unparalleled corporate advantage, or tech ...

You may be surprised by the long list of very specific questions the right BI strategies can answer. Some of these discoveries result in small business adjustments; some in huge shifts. They all add up to improved organizational insight and increased bottom line.

Launch your organization’s data journey wisely by avoiding these common mistakes in business intelligence and data analytics.

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