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Tecknoworks is a global technology consulting company. We identify and integrate technology solutions that grow your business.
Tecknoworks is a global technology consulting company. We identify and integrate technology solutions that grow your business.

Stuck in Technology Overwhelm?

As a CEO – or even a CTO – you can’t be fluent in every single tech option out there, or be certain it will work for your organization’s specific goals.

Don’t end up on the long list of digital transformation failure stories… and don’t just let someone sell you a cookie-cutter “solution.”

Discover Our Signature Innovation Lifeguard Program

Exclusively for leadership teams looking for a competitive edge derived from efficiencies, market-leading technologies, and a 10,000-foot view of your business.


What We Do

Tecknoworks is dedicated to serving the new breed of CEOs and CTOs who understand that technology is key to competitive advantage.

Our proven approach uncovers the exact digital solution you need to hit your organizational and strategic objectives and create maximum profit and efficiency.

This is our focus all day, every day: Delivering the ideas and transformations that keep our clients ten steps ahead of the competition.


Our Unique Formula

Big-Idea Discovery
“Will It Work” Analysis
Scope-of-Work Done Right

See Our Results

Digital Transformation in Action

15% Sales Increase in Two Months

Learn how a kitchenware retailer increased users by 50K and sales by 15% in just two months.


Energy Company Saves $3M in 18 Months

Learn how we helped the world's leading renewable energy company eliminate supply chain inefficiencies and optimize logistics.


Fully Customized Solutions

Our default mindset: Anything is possible. From ideation to delivery, we uncover every opportunity to solve business problems, delight users, and propel growth.

Software Engineering

Award-winning applications that engage your customers and accelerate your revenue.

Business Intelligence and Analytics

Custom data insights that eliminate guesswork and empower your team.

Process Automation

Solutions that let your team focus on strategic work, not manual tasks.

Legacy Modernization

Smart and efficient technologies that maximize the value of your current investments.

Done-For-You Solutions

Our existing innovations, tailored to you for quick wins, big impact, and ongoing success.


Securely share your Power BI dashboards with unlimited users via browser or mobile app.

Skyline Sales Multiplier

Combining actionable, real-time sales intelligence with a fully customized strategy for growth.

Insight Snapshot

The fast, low-risk way to discover if data analytics is the right move for your organization.

Tecknoworks is proud to be ISO27001-certified, demonstrating adherence to the highest possible international standards for information security. This achievement is one more way our clients feel 100% confident in our reliability, data protection, and above-and-beyond approach to all we do.
Gold Partner status is Microsoft’s highest level of partner
distinction, demonstrating superior accomplishment in
technological capabilities, implementation, and customer success.

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